We’ve been around for a while now. We have a strong customer base and a steady stream of new riders rolling in through the workshop door here at TLS-HQ. Those who are familiar with us are, by default, familiar with our model, our standards, our processes and our sense of humour – and for that exact reason those clients most likely AREN’T browsing this site, reading blogs (except the end of year wrap up that gets shared on socials – folks seem to enjoy my brief take on the previous 12 months)

With people doing more and more research before picking up the phone to call a service provider, I’ve found that being as transparent and upfront as possible with people on social platforms as well as the good old fashioned website/blog/business profile on Google is a good thing.

The most common misconception amongst new clients is that we are a retailer – and all the assumptions that go along with that:

A shop with street frontage? Nope.

We have a large commercial workshop on Winton Rd in the heart of Joondalup, tucked away in a quiet, private building. When you book in with us, we tell you everything you need to know about how to find us (it’s very easy). Of course if you’re booking a mobile job none of that matters

Big signs directing people to our door? Nope.

At least at this stage, we like keeping a low profile. Sometimes we’ll park our service van out the front of the address for all to see, but we are invisible to anyone who ISN’T trying to find us. We like that. It means we work in a very low distraction environment, and can do better work for you.

Walk in any time without advance notice? Well….yes, but we don’t recommend it! 

You’re 100% very welcome to simply stop by unannounced – but if we’re not expecting you, we might all be out on mobile service work! It’s always best to just give us a call. The number is very easy to find.

All Makes, Models and Problems Handled? – Nope.

We are a small team of highly skilled, experienced and technically accomplished mechanics. There is virtually nothing we can’t do. Five minutes of scrolling through our social platforms will confirm that. However, there are definitely jobs that we choose not to do. We don’t build bikes purchased for $89 from a department store. We don’t work on anything homemade, converted to electric, recumbent, trike, pram or scooter type equipment.  However, in the spirit of always wanting to provide value to people, when we do politely decline a job, we almost always have a recommendation for someone who could help.

So now you know what we DON’T do – what about the jobs we DEFINITELY do? 

We do routine maintenance, servicing, upgrades and custom builds on ALL the major bike shop and Consumer Direct brands that you’re familiar with. Trek, Giant, Canyon, Merida, Norco, Specialized, Scott, BMC, Bianchi, Colnago, Santa Cruz, Polygon, YT, Cube…..and so on. Because we’re not a retailer we have no allegiance to any one brand, but we do have great relationships with those brands and their suppliers. We can handle everything from an out of the box build, upgrades, maintenance or even a warranty claim – in the most efficient way possible. We’ve got all the tools and skills for all drivetrain types too – whether you’re running Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, or a combination of aftermarket brands.

What about the Mobile Service Option?

Having both mobile and workshop service options makes us extremely versatile, and able to accommodate most peoples schedules.  The service van handles routine maintenance for customers who prefer the convenience of a service at home, work or anywhere they happen to be. When a job is deemed a bit beyond ‘routine maintenance’, customers still have the option of a mobile pickup/drop off or the can simply drop it off to us so we can spend more time on whatever the issue seems to be.

Having us come to you costs extra – of course it does. But we will discuss the specifics of your job during the initial booking and make you aware of all the things that need to be considered, before we come out. There is no job too big or too small, but if you wouldn’t pay an electrician to drive to your house to turn a light switch on, then you probably don’t want us coming out to you for something like a flat tyre! We will always be very upfront about whether a potential job is suitable for a callout or not.

Mobile Service is for routine maintenance – including brake bleeding and bearing replacements, up to about the level of what we call a ‘seasonal service’.

The Workshop is for everything else. More technical or time consuming work, troubleshooting, custom building, suspension servicing, wheel building….all happens at the workshop. We prefer to do major rebuilds and big annual services here, basically anything beyond a seasonal service.

Still got questions? Great! Call us for a chat – we love talking bikes 🙂

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